Communicate and collaborate in the workplace with Google's G Suite


Google’s G Suite uses Google’s products and services to provide businesses with a more efficient workplace solution. G Suite’s set of cloud-based collaboration and communications applications allow businesses to co-create, store, and share documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and websites.

  • Flexibility and mobility
    Access data and communicate from anywhere, on any device with a web connection.
  • Increased productivity
    With 99.9% uptime and more real-time collaboration, you’ll see fewer interruptions, less errors, and more productivity.
  • Easy to use
    G Suite’s products are intuitive and easy to use, and they can be used seamlessly with other file types, such as those from Microsoft Office.
  • Cost savings
    The combination of fewer help-desk calls, faster resolution, fewer outages, less payout for external security, and eliminating expensive upgrades and maintenance lead to big cost savings.

“G Suite gives us solutions that are so easy to deploy and use that we don’t feel any of the pain we previously experienced when deploying and maintaining employee collaboration tools.”
Kimberly Anstett CIO Nielsen

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