Learn how busy professionals use SaneBox to keep a clean inbox and save 4+ hours each week.


SaneBox is an AI assistant for your inbox that prioritizes what’s important. It lets you unsubscribe, snooze, move attachments to Dropbox and automate tasks. It works on any email client, provider or device—saving SMBs 12+ hours per month. Partners love it because this high margin, low churn solution is a perfect add-on for Office 365 and G Suite.

  • Adapts and gets smarter every day
    SaneBox is a smart assistant that uses an intelligent algorithm to sort emails and is easy to customize and train
  • Full suite of features for any inbox
    With features ranging from auto-reply tracking and snoozing to one-click unsubscribing and do-not-disturb mode, we can solve at least one of your email problems
  • Works natively on all email clients and devices
    Using your existing email client, we work everywhere you check your email (desktop and mobile)
  • Secure and private
    SaneBox is a secure product; we read only email headers and never an email’s body content

“SaneBox has changed the way I interact with email. I know that the important things are going to come into the box, and the things that aren’t that important are going to be put into SaneLater.”
Garth Pyper Technology Infrastructure Manager Shopify

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