Protect devices and data with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security


Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a comprehensive solution that helps manage and protect users, devices, apps, and data. Maintain the security of devices and identities on both organizationally managed devices and user-provided devices.

  • Boost mobility and productivity
    Access sensitive data on a variety of devices to keep working, while keeping your corporate data protected.
  • Increased security and compliance
    Protect your business against modern threats and leaks with built-in privacy and compliance tools, and safeguard sensitive data, identities, and devices.
  • Better Microsoft Office management
    EMS seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and on-premises infrastructure. It’s the only solution that brings managed mobile productivity with Office across platforms.
  • Flexibility
    EMS works with your on-premises investments, avoiding the need for costly and complicated integration efforts across point capabilities.

"Microsoft is consistently and constantly looking out for us from a security perspective. We benefit from its experience in securing millions of users across its cloud assets, from to Xbox Live to Office 365 and Azure."
Will Lamb Infrastructure Coordinator Whole Foods Market

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