Share and back up files with Nomadesk


Nomadesk is a file-sharing and synchronization software that allows you to easily and securely edit, share, synchronize, and back up files from anywhere—online and offline—with no fixed storage limits.

  • Affordable, flexible licensing
    Get unlimited storage for a fixed rate with only one license required to commit
  • Increased collaboration
    Seamlessly work with others inside and outside your organization for greater productivity
  • Ease of use
    Drag and drop files into a vault and access files from any type of platform or mobile device
  • Microsoft integration
    Integrate with Microsoft Azure AS for authentication and Office 365 for online editing

"The reason we chose Nomadesk over other alternatives is because we wanted to be sure to tell our clients that we handle their data with proper care."
Guido De Grefte Managing Director HazelHeartwood

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