8x8 Voice + Microsoft Teams The right time. The right approach.


The wait for a global cloud voice communications solution that keeps Microsoft Teams at the center of your user’s collaboration experience is over. Remove the burden & complexity of managing an on-premise telephony infrastructure and deliver a single, global cloud voice solution across multiple countries and locations directly for your Teams users.

  • A consistent Microsoft Teams experience
    Because 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams integrates with the Microsoft Phone System via Direct Routing, there is no change to the Teams user experience for making and receiving calls. None.
  • A truly global presence
    8x8’s voice communications platform has a truly global presence, with full PSTN access in 38 countries, DIDs and toll free numbers in 120+ countries and unlimited calling plans in up to 47 countries.
  • One open platform for all employees
    With 8x8, all your employees can communicate with each other as well as externally on a single communications platform, regardless of whether they are Teams users or not.
  • Enterprise grade telephony
    With multiple geo-redundant data centers located around the globe, 8x8’s industry leading availability ensures that each and every call gets connected.

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